Symbiosis International University Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts

Da Vinci Award: All-Rounder 2014-15

SSLA’s endeavor lies in producing students who are all well-rounded, i.e., who excel not only in academics but also in co-curricular activities. The institute bestows the Best All- Rounder award upon the student who has been phenomenal in striking the balance between the two while striving for excellence in all the possible domains. The Da Vinci award for the academic year 2014-2015 was won by Tejal Ambardekar (2012-2016). 

Award for the Greatest Change; The Metamorphosis Award 2014-15

Every year, SSLA recognizes the efforts of the students who have shown an appreciable positive change in their growth by overcoming personal barriers and have managed to find their voice in the year.

The Award for the Greatest Change, popularly known as the Metamorphosis Award for the academic year 2014-2015 went to Mayura Ashok (2012-2016) and Malhar Edwankar (2011-2015).


Award for Academic Excellence 2015-16

SSLA essentially aims to provide an environment where students can follow their intellectual pursuits and utilize their potential to the utmost. Being an academically rigorous programme, SSLA challenges the students to grapple with complex concepts, learn to manage their time efficiently, communicate their ideas effectively and exhibit academic integrity alongside all this. The Best Academic Awards were given to students who demonstrate all the aforementioned skills.

For the academic year 2014-15 these were awarded to:
Batch 2014-2018- Purvi Edara
Batch 2013-2017- Suman Manvi
Batch 2012-2016- Tejal Ambardekar
Batch 2011-2015- Anushree Shetty

Best Presentation 2014-15

Verbal presentations provide an excellent tool for one to share the knowledge one has gained and crystalize it in the process. Hence, class presentations are an integral part of the assessment for most of the courses at SSLA.

The Best Presentation Award for the academic year 2014-2015 was won jointly by Ritika Potnis (2011-2015) and Nikunj Agarwal (2012-2016)






Ginko Walk

Haiku students went for a Ginko walk ( a nature walk) to gain inspiration for their poems. Its proved to be academic learning outside of the classroom.





Climate Change Conference

Held in Delhi, students of SSLA attend the climate change conference with keynote speaker being Al Gore


Pictures & Certificates

Scientific Enquiry and Learning Scientific Evaluation

Scientific enquiry exhibition held in college. students made gadgets and inventions based on principles of physics like D.C. adaptor, AC generator. It was under guidance of Mrs. Anjali Chipalkatti.



Literature and Science fiction evaluation

Students had to represent their favourite characters from any movie or book of their choice. 



Dance Therapy

The dance therapy students performed in the corridors of SSLA to showcase whatever they had learnt from the class. This was also a part of their evaluation.



Film Making Workshop

A workshop organized to teach the practical as well as theoretical aspects of film making


Pictures and Final Films

Interaction with Students from Hildesheim about cultural exchange 2011




Writing Workshop  by Christine Hertzer





Armed Forces Medical College Debate




Anthropology Department ( Depaul )




Economics Festival. St. Stephens, Delhi




Gender Sensitization





Best Essay 2014-15

One of the attributes of the Liberal Art student is the ability to present ideas and arguments in the written form, logically and coherently. Hence, students at SSLA are expected to write argumentative essays, academic papers, character/plot analyses, film/book reviews and research papers throughout the semester, in almost all their courses.
This award was won by Lyla Cama (2012-2016) for her essay ‘A Critique of John Rawls ‘Theory of Justice’ in the class ‘Politics of Social Justice’.

Achievements 2015





Isha Mathur

Best International press award

High commendation for International press

IIM Indore MUN


11th-13th September 2015.

September 2014

Alpana Nadagouda

Featured as the cover girl of the magazine with a published personal interview and photos

Menaka Magazine

May 2015 edition

Vaishali Bhargava


Published a book

Around August ’15

Prachi Agrawal

Name of the book: “Adhuri Si Poori Baat”

Published a book

Last semester.

Simone Liane Noronha

Selection in the SIU girls football team



Hana Masood

Executive Board - Royal Scribe in the High Council of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros

Second Position

Assistant Contingent Leader

College Coordinator (current position)

Delegate of Iran (Participant), General Assembly


Exclamation Point Slam Poetry

Kaleidoscope 2014

Sooperstage 2015


September 2014

23 May 2015

September 2014

Ongoing, 2015

13-14 February, 2015

Sanika Potnis

Made a Climate Reality Presentation to over 600 School Students


Made a Presentation at the Teacher’s Training Program by

At Lakshdham High School,(ICSE)

The Climate Reality Project together with Maharashtra Nature Park, Social Forestry Department (Maharashtra) - National Green Corps Program, Rotary Club of Mumbai and Eco- Persona

23rd June, 2015



14th July, 2015

Jemin Shah

Best Delegate- House Tyrell, Game of Thrones War Council

Best Delegate- Russia, Security Council

Best Delegate- Russia, DISEC

2nd Place, JAM

2nd Place, Poetry Slam

TM-MUN 2014

Munsophical 2014

Nashik MUN 2015

Malhar 2015

Kaleidoscope 2015


Girls Football team


6th Inter-Institute Football Championship 2015-16

7th September, 2015

Girls Swimming Team

First in Freestyle Relay

Third Medley Relay

6th Inter-Institute Swimming Championship

12th September,2015

Harsh Agrawal

Represented India | Beneficiary of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Scholarship

Founder, Curator & Licensee of one of the largest TEDx Conferences in India – TEDxBhilwara

Selected for International Antarctica Expedition by Robert Swan

Offered project by Al Gore, Former US Vice President (Climate Reality) to work on climate change issue in Rajasthan.

Selected to intern at Barefoot College directly with Bunker Roy , one of TIME's 100 most influential personalities in the world.

Interviewed by The Climate Reality Project for a short film to be screened at Road to Paris.

TEDGlobal , Rio, Brazil

Oct 6 - Oct 10, 2014

Girls Badminton team

Secured the third position

Inter Institute SIU Badminton Tournament.

7th August,2015


Yashna Sharma

High Commendation in the UNHRC committee

GMUN 2015

1st-3rd September

SIU Girls Basketball Team

Reached quarterfinals of SIU tournament


22nd-23rd September 2015

Shrestha Chatterjee

Participated in ‘Symbhav', SLS Pune's Annual Cultural Festival in 2014 which had numerous participants from various colleges from Pune as well as other states. won the 2nd prize in the solo dance event competition.


Performed at Art Hop Festival in April 2014. Art Hop is an intellectual event property in India which gives artists a platform to showcase their work and art forms to celebrate art culture and togetherness. I chose the theme "Changing Sensuality in Bollywood" and performed on songs of Madhuri Dixit in accordance with the era and the time when the songs were shot



Aditya Joshi

Featured in 'Avaakash' a Marathi Play



Nikunj Agarwal

Won best delegate UNSC TM-MUN Mumbai



Divij Kulkarni

Won special mention




Extra Curriculars





Verse-t Festival


A Poetry Festival organized by the SSLA Poetry Club




Music Vocal workshop


Conducted by Diedre Lobo



Cartoon workshop


Although I like doodling, I never really thought that I would be able to draw cartoons. The techniques (expressions of emotions, shapes, static poses, dynamic poses, and direction of face) that we learnt in the workshop gave us the basic skills to make decent cartoons and put our ideas onto paper. We also learnt that what you're trying to portray through the cartoon in equally as important. We went to many of Mr. Ramesh's published work thrpugh his career. We also looked at various strips that Amul had released over the years on several ocassions. I felt that we had learnt a lot in very little time.

- Adheip




Acting/Comedy workshop-






Organized by the trekking club.




Film Screening


Organized by the Film Club. "Nana Parits, Pangri"



Rise of Digital Media


2015, 11th and 12th September




An online intra college competition.


Photos & Videos


Organized by the photography club





Drum Circle workshop





Airplane Poetry Workshop

Slam Poetry at Flower Works, Kalayani Nagar

Organized by the Poetry Club with the collaboration of the Airplane Poetry Movement held a Slam Poetry Workshop.


Photos and Videos

Kravmaga Workshop 2011




2014 SIU Cricket Tournament




Cultural Sensitivity Workshop with students of Hannover University




Cultural exchange programme for japanese students 2012




Dramatic Reading Workshop 2013




Cultural Sensitivity Workshop with students of Hannover University 2013




Power of Art Workshop with Nick Dalton 2014




Pune Votes initiative 2013





Distinguished Performance in Extra-Curriculars

Along with performance in academics, SSLA values participation in extracurricular activities which contribute to the overall growth of a student. Participation enables students to build people skills and social networks making college easier to navigate, providing a balance to the rigorous academic program. The college bestows the Distinguished Performance in Extra-Curriculars Award to a student each year, who represents SSLA in clubs as well as in inter-college festivals, excelling in his/her chosen passion.

This award for the academic year 2013-2014 was won by Armando Mundo Khan’16 for his involvement and excellence in the field of music as a drummer.